creative expression beats depression

At least for me, anyways. Let me start from the beginning...

I became curious about videography in middle school and joined KMMI, the multimedia institute at my local middle school. I learned all about storyboards, production, linear editing, broadcasting, you name it. While I enjoyed it, there was something about photography that just captured and HELD my attention. There was a real rawness to photographic art that just stunned me. Back in 2003, I learned how to work with film in a traditional darkroom--loading the film, developing it, making prints-- and I fell in love with the magic of the craft. I had never felt so powerful, purposeful, and in tune with my creativity.

My love for photography has only grown since then. It's helped me express my thoughts and emotions like a positively functioning human being. It's helped me observe people past the surface and into their soul to really connect with others. It's helped see things that aren't there or haven't been and see them come to life.

There was a season in my life where I didn't have the joy of picking up a camera. Life happened and took over any creative outlet I was connected to. I became depressed and it took me too long to realize why. Without a creative outlet, I found it difficult to deal with life's trials and tribulations and in moments of celebration, I found it all too fleeting. Creative expression, for me, was absolutely necessary if I --my family, especially-- wanted to enjoy life.

After many years, and with the support of my husband, I plugged back into that outlet. However, it's become more like a power strip now! I've started my photography business, I began dancing ballet folklórico and performing regularly, I've joined my church's worship team as a singer and have taken on many other creative projects along the way.

So, will you join me and stay connected?

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