DanzArts' fall recital

DanzArts is a local San Diego nonprofit I've been working with for a few years now. They focus on preserving Hispanic culture through Mexican Ballet Folklorico and Spanish Flamenco music and dancing. I'm always happy to photograph their events; it allows me to tap into my passion for dance and my pride for my Hispanic culture and customs.

In addition to photographing live performances for the dance academy, I offer mini portrait sessions for the dancers in their costumes. It can be mandatory or not, during dress rehearsal or a custom date and time. It can be a separate cost for the dancers or a service that is provided by the organization.

I really try to shoot for that perfect image you can hang on your living room wall that makes you light up every time to walk past it. There's a sense of pride, I believe, that comes with seeing yourself in a beautiful piece fo artwork. Through photography, it is my goal to encourage dancers to keep on dancing, dreamers to keep dreaming, artists to keep creating.