Meet Marina


Yes, I love creating portraits but the landscape above is one of my proudest images. It's the first work of mine that I had professionally printed and framed and is now hanging in my living room.

So there are quite a bit of music references. I really enjoy music-- mostly singing and dancing to it-- but I've never naturally excelled at playing an instrument. The only instrument that felt natural in my hands is a camera.

Another passion of mine: hyping people up!

Meet Julz

My Ride or Die. My BFF. My business partner. I can always count on him to help make your portrait session run smoothly. He takes care of all the logistics so I can focus in on the creativity.


Feel free to call or text. Otherwise, you can contact me here.

Hours: Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm | Phone: (619) 796-1196 | E-mail: | Location: San Diego, Ca 92154